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Internet Law

The Internet is one of the greatest tools ever developed and has had a monumental impact on how we conduct business in an ever-shrinking world. We are able to access new ideas, more information, and a broad range of unforeseen opportunities. While the Internet has changed our lives and commerce in many remarkable ways, the Internet itself is changing too.

As the Internet becomes more pervasive and critical to the infrastructure of our world, understanding the ways in which the “law of the Internet” is evolving is critical. Courts around the world are creating Internet law on a daily basis. Unlike other areas of commerce that can turn to historical traditions to help settle disputes and guide the development of the law, the law of the Internet has no history to draw upon. As a result, the legal principles governing conduct and commerce in cyberspace are still in a constant state of flux. These principles address:

Privacy concerns
Security issues
Protection of Intellectual Property
Antitrust violations
Jurisdiction of disputes from online activity
Obscenity and the standard to be applied

You already know that the Internet is an essential business tool for the growth and development of your business. You also know, however, that you cannot expect to stay abreast of the constantly evolving law of the Internet and how it may affect your business. You certainly know that you need straight answers to your legal questions or effective representation in a legal dispute from attorneys well-versed in the law of the Internet and experienced in its application. You need the attorneys of Changus Campbell, LLP.



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